Design A Home Office That Actually Works

Dated: 06/22/2020

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With nearly half the U.S workforce working from home, many of us have a common issue: how to transform their current living space into a functional home office. The good news is that you can customize your home office to create a workspace that will inspire you to be productive all day long. 

Whether you're someone who loves to be surrounded by colors or trying to avoid any visual distraction, putting together a spotless and motivating environment will help you complete work tasks more effectively. If you’re reading to revamp your office, here are some inspiring yet practical tips to get you started. 

Get down to business

First things first, make sure you have designated workspace. Whether it be a whole room, a corner of a room, or just a table when selecting a space it’s important to separate from personal areas such as your bedroom. If your computer is the primary tool, it should always remain the focal point of your desk. When you’re sitting at your desk this will serve as a reminder that it’s time to get some work done. 

Let there be (natural) Light 

The National Sleep Foundation published a study that concluded that workers who have natural light in their offices reported better quality of sleep compared to those who worked in windowless areas. Not only did they feel more rested, but their productivity levels also improved. Other benefits of sunlight include fewer mistakes, increased alertness, improved mood, and reduced eye strain. 

Set the Tone 

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Even though this is a workspace, that doesn’t mean it should be boring. This is your personal space! Embrace your inner interior designer and create a room that makes you feel comfortable and calm. Bring in some personal touches like some pictures of your family and friends, a throw blanket, or even a matching set of desk organizers. 

Less is More 

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Keep the clutter to a minimum. A desk and room full of unrelated objects will make the space feel cramped and busy. Get rid of tools you don’t use often, like highlighters and hole punchers, and keep them in your desk draws. Clear your desktop of everything except your computer, phone, inbox tray, and any other necessities. 

Productivity that Flourishes

It doesn’t matter if you're working in a room or at your kitchen table, the presence of plants leaves you feeling calm. When placed in pots or planters, plants are a great accessory to compliment your existing decor and add dimension. Adding a few plants will also help eliminate any airborne toxins such as chemicals found in printer ink, furniture polish, and carpets. 

With just a few changes, you can make sure you are being productive when you’re working from home. Let us know in the comments below if you decided to try any of these tips! 

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Design A Home Office That Actually Works

With nearly half the U.S workforce working from home, many of us have a common issue: how to transform their current living space into a functional home office. The good news is that you can

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